Weather Effects on People’s Behavior

Have you ever found yourself looking at the window while raining and you found yourself crying or being sad about the weather? This is just like being rejected for online shops voucher codes, right? Or how about you becoming so happy about the morning sunlight passing through the moving curtains in your bedroom? This, in turn, is like getting special discounts for the rest of your life.


What is up with the weather? Why is it affecting our moods?

We have to understand people are always getting affected by the outside environment that they are in. Whatever happens outside will greatly, either positively or negatively, affect what you feel inside. The feeling then turns into your mind and your body’s response on what you intend to do with the emotions that you have. This is why you behave a certain way when it is sunny, when it is cloudy, or when it is snowing outside.

This is a combination of a lot of factors. The feelings and moods that you have toward weather are influenced mostly by external factors. First, your emotions are dependent on your previous experiences with the weather. If you had a breakup during a sunny sorrowday, then, even if it makes others feel beautiful or great, you will still hate the sunny environment, at least for a season. This goes the same for the rainy day. If you had your wedding day on a specific rainy day, nothing will stop you from putting a smile on your face when you see rainy weather.

But what about the general mood that we feel when we are under certain weather? Sometimes, after a season, we forget some of the events in our lives. But even if this happens, you still have a particular set of emotions toward the weather. According to an explanation of a psychologist, our physical body reacts to the environment. When you see lower sunlight, you feel SAD. This is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. On the other hand, when you see sunlight, you feel more energetic and fun. You also think of a lot of romantic ideas on a sunny day.

Our response to what we currently feel is very important. Make sure to grab a hold of your emotions and keep a rational thought of your actions when you sense any negative feelings.